by Dr Anushree Vartak (@anushreevartak) on Sunday, 26 February 2017

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People in desperation or in the state of blissful ignorance believe everything that Internet says. One can find enough evidence to say that anything can prevent and cause cancer. Even doctors can be fooled by statistics if they are not trained in the critique of clinical trials or in determining quality of evidence, let alone a lay person.

Oncology is essentially about practicing evidence based medicine. Its encouraging to see the field of fitness and nutrition giving importance to evidence rather than just expert opinions floating on internet.

Its painful to see keto diet being advised to every cancer patient like a one stop solution by some dietitians. Especially because its so grounded in science and I dont want it to be dismissed as yet another miraculous alternative therapy.

Instead lets look at the present evidence and scientific mechanisms behind its anticancer potential.

Its intended for all keto enthusiasts.


I will be talking about following things

  1. A brief introduction about Keto
  2. Dietary Components of Keto vs Dietary risk factors for common cancers.
  3. Dietary restrictions in cancer treatment
  4. Scientific basis of anticancer properties of keto diet.
  5. How Oncologists perceive evidence
  6. Pre- clinical evidence
  7. Human evidence
  8. Contributing to evidence
  9. Horoscope :)


curiosity !

Speaker bio

I am a surgical oncologist at Army hospital research and referral Delhi. Debunking myths about cancer is my favorite sport. Keto diet has been like a fairy godmother to me. But magic doesn’t cure cancer, science does!


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    [-] Suman Bolar (@wickedwitch) Reviewer a year ago

    The only thing I would say is that keto is NOT currently being advised as a miracle cancer cure. In fact it is not being spoken about at all! AT least not in INdia.

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    [-] Dr Anushree Vartak (@anushreevartak) Proposer a year ago (edited a year ago)

    I wish..I was shocked when one of my patient with ca colon who took adj chemo from medanta was advised to be on keto to prevent recurrence. Apparently its a routine practice there. Perhaps its too early to talk about this. May be 1- 2 years later when this becomes rampant in India as it is in USA. There people are crusading about anticancer potential of keto.

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    [-] Suman Bolar (@wickedwitch) Reviewer a year ago

    Speaking for myself - just as a layperson - I do believe that there’s a correlation between carbohydrate intake and cancer. This is oversimplistic, but logic tells me that:
    - if cancer is basically unbridled cell growth - if cell growth is dependent on glucose for growth - then excess glucose = abnormal growth - compounded by the fact that a PET scan works the way it does because cancer cells uptake far more glucose than normal cells

    I do not think it is too early to talk about the correlation between glucose and cancer. I am just unaware that people here are touting it as a magic bullet yet! But since you are in the mdeical profession, you’d be better placed to opine on that.

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      [-] Sharoon Sunny (@sharoon) a year ago

      Dear Dr. Anushree,
      I’m eager to learn more from a physicians point of view. I’m a woman with no medical conditions but have been following a Keto approach for sometime now. I’ve very rarely heard physicians talk about keto, so this will be interesting for me. So is your recommendation for keto only for cancer patients?

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    [-] Dr Anushree Vartak (@anushreevartak) Proposer a year ago (edited a year ago)

    hi Sharoon, I too have been on Keto for 6 months. Keto is great for controlling obesity and diabetes, no doubt about that. My talk explores its anti cancer potential.

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    [-] Sharoon Sunny (@sharoon) a year ago

    Thanks for the response, Dr. Vartak. I think we are presenting on 2 different days. I would have loved to catch up with you at the conference to exchange notes about your journey.

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    [-] Dr Anushree Vartak (@anushreevartak) Proposer a year ago

    I ll be attending both days
    .. see you there :)

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